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  • Automatically fax invoices and/or statements
  • Saves on postage, handling, and the cost of forms
  • Switch can be set on a per Customer Basis
  • Increases Cash Flow for you and your customer
  • Status of each transaction will be printed after each job stream
  • Ability to Re-Fax failed processes
  • Customer will not receive multiple Cover Sheets
  • Program can be run both manually and in the job stream


Q. How does AutoFax “know” which customers receive invoices and/or statements?

A. The AutoFax program is based off a switch in MBS100 called “UPS” on line 6. There are various options that can be entered in that field depending on whether or not you are doing invoices, statements or both. This switch can be set up on an individual customer basis.

Q. How are the invoices/faxes sent?

A. There are ESC programs (ESC003, ESC035) that can be run manually or in the job-stream to fax out the invoices/statements for each customer who is set up.

Q. What happens if a fax does not go thru?

A. If a fax did not go thru you will receive a separate vsi fax log showing you which ones did not go thru. You can either resend them manually thru the ESC program or you can print out an invoice and mail it.

Q. Can you fax multiple copies?

A. None of our customers that are using the AutoFax software are currently faxing multiple copies. We believe that based off a switch in MBS100 you should be able to have the ability to do that, but would have to test it.

Q. What if the customer’s fax number is same as their regular phone number?

A. If the customer’s fax number is the same as their regular phone number, the software does not differentiate between the two.