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With almost 100 years of combined experience working with TradePower's Array™ software, ESC is committed to providing electrical and plumbing distributors with the kind of close working relationship they experienced during the installation of their software.

With the continuing expansion of our staff, we are able to provide support across every aspect of the Array™ software including (but not limited to), Operations, Accounting, Sales Order Entry, Purchasing & Inventory Control, Cyberquery Report Writing and software programming. We also offer innovative products designed to compliment and enhance Array™ , such as our Wireless Warehouse (RF) solution. You can even purchase hardware from us at prices well below the market average.


Formal classes are conducted on-site with no limit on the number of staff who attends. We offer competitive and conveniently priced contracts or if you prefer, you can work with us on an as need basis.

For many wholesale companies, the cost of travel and time away from the office to attend off-site training classes is too much to cost-justify. ESC conducts its training classes on-site with as many of your staff as you feel necessary. Expenses are kept to a minimum by booking visits to other wholesalers in your immediate vicinity (we currently have 65 customers in over 20 states).

Here are just a few of the classes that we conduct:

  • Sales Order Entry
  • A/P & G/L
  • Advanced Purchasing and Inventory Control
  • Pricing/Contracts/Rebates
  • Cyber Query™ Report Writing
  • AIX Operations
  • UNIX


ESC currently offers three audits of your software and processes:

General Audit
30 to 60 minute audit of software set up and controls conducted on-site as part of a sales visit or remotely for a single fee.

On-Site Audit
One or two day in-depth analysis of your business processes.

Pricing Audit
One day audit of pricing models, matrices and vendor discounts conducted on-site or remotely.


Time is dedicated to ensure that your staff are knowledgeable in every area of a pricing project including the aspects of the pricing hierarchy. Where ever possible, traditional techniques are combined with modern technologies to make the process of conducting a pricing project simpler and more efficient.


With Cyberscience's Cyberquery Report Writing program (available from Prophet 21), almost any report imaginable is available to you. These reports can be written to print only once, or to be used repeatedly. All report writing can be done by ESC remotely.

  • Customized menus containing related reports (similar to the BUYER and MANAGE menus)
  • Import reports into spreadsheets programs
  • Add reports to a job stream
  • E-mail reports (your Array™ server must be connected to the Internet for this to work)

ESC can also conduct an on-site class teaching you how to use Cyberquery.


Not comfortable with maintaining the AIX operating system? Let the staff of ESC make you feel at ease. With over 35 years of combined experience in operations, ESC can either be or support your MIS department. Areas of support include:

  • Setup of Purges/Reorgs
  • Disk Monitoring, Hardware Setup and Support
  • AIX upgrades
  • Third Party Software Support
  • Array™ Software Upgrades


Wireless Warehouse
Electrical Distributors chose ESC’s Wireless Warehouse system to gain greater control over their inventory processes. Whether taking a modular approach, or purchasing the entire system, they are able to take advantage of every aspect of their inventory control including Bin Management, Inventory Control (cycle / physical count), Receiving and Put Away.

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AutoFax - Automated Invoice Faxing Software
AutoFax is a faxing application that allows you to fax invoices and statements daily from your normal jobstream. Faxes can be text or graphical depending on your set up.

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Custom COBOL Programming
With software companies increasingly hesitant to write “custom” modifications to older legacy systems, distributors find themselves in a compromising position when it comes to extending the life span of their software investment. Custom programming is a highly specialized area and requires expert knowledge and understanding of back-end processes to be implemented effectively.

Rather than abandon the needs of its customer base, ESC continues to devote the time and energy of key developers to provide this type of service to legacy systems. In this way, these distributors can protect their software investment and in fact realize ROI’s for many years to come.

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