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Expert Systems Consulting Ltd (ESC)
We are Consultants and Application Software providers to the Distribution Industry. Our client first philosophy and "whatever it takes" mentality insures high customer service levels as well as a life-long commitment to our clients. We have been conducting business in the wholesale distribution market for over a decade and have well over 100 combined years of industry experience. We currently have several offices located across the country.

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ESC's shipping labels accomodate all the information you should need for clearly marking your delivered cartons as well as expediting your customer's receiving process with bar coded sales order and purchase order numbers. Two versions are available - single order and mutliple/single order.


Recent COBOL Programming Requests

NETPRC exports a customer price file that meets the requirements of the Netpricer Service provided by Electricsmart.com. Customer specific pricing is generated on all type S or type S and P items with a UPC number and with an associated sell price in MBS101. The resulting file is exported in text format (acceptable to Netpricer). It is saved in a location and with a filename of your choice on your system (defaults to /tss/live unless specified). Once generated, the file can be ftp'd to your PC and or emailed directly to Netpricer using EMLPRC.CBL (default filename and directory required).

Download the PDF for detailed information.

Modification to TRAK01.
This simple modification to an existing program ( TRAK01 ) enables the user to scan or type in a ticket number and automatically write the quality event "shipped" to the event database.

Emailing of Quote Summary
This modification to MBS002 (order entry) enables ArrayT to automatically email the outside salesperson an email summarizing a quote that has just been entered into the system for their customer. Read More

CUSINV - Selectively Print Customer Invoices
This program allows you to selectively print individual customer invoices using a specific date range.

FPCD05 - Contract Creation Program
Added Sell Code ("S"), Sell Multiplier (first "MULT"), Sell Indicator ("SI") and Cost Code ("C") to this popular program that creates contracts from a formatted flat file.

ESC056 - Field Change
Modified a single field and heading in MBS056 from LIFO COST to CALC COST making the report significantly more useful to the customer.